Newsletter - Summer 2017

Summer 2017

Newsletter 2017 Summer
We Are Moving!
In 2016 we celebrated the 75th anniversary of our credit union, serving ADM employees and their families since 1941.
This year, after 76 years in business, we broke ground in March for our own office. Construction has gone pretty smooth and quick. The office will be closed as we will be moving (literally next door) on Wednesday, July 26th. All online and mobile banking should not be interrupted during the move.
We are so excited for our new space from growth opportunities to privacy, safety and security. An open house is being planned for late August and the date will be shared on our website and other communications.
THANK YOU to all of our members, past and present, who have supported ADM Credit Union since 1941, and have been a part of our growth and success over the years.


76th Anniversay - Annual Membership Meeting

The 76th annual meeting of the membership was held in February 2017 at the credit union office, Decatur, Illinois.  
Your current board of directors include Kevin Besser, Patricia Cain, Nick Charveron, Patrick Heneghan, Christa Jordan, Chad Moore, Matt Philips, and Ann Wildman.  


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